My name is Nathan Murphy.  I live in Madison, Indiana, a small town along the Ohio River.

I was homeschooled through high school and started Heritage Woodworks shortly after I

graduated.  Most of my woodworking instruction has come from the Marc Adams School of

Woodworking where I interned in the summer of 2016.  I have studied with the likes of

Marc Adams, Mark Del Guidice, Michael Fortune, Chris Gouchnor, Scott Grove, Mitch

Kohanek, William "Grit" Laskin, Jeff Miller, Mike Pekovich, John Ressler, and others.  My

approach is a passion for efficiency, blending both hand and power tools to achieve perfect

results as quickly as possible.  My preferred furniture style would likely be Arts and Crafts

or Shaker, which allows for an almost understated simplicity while still accomodating small

details and accents.  Both styles let the wood itself make the loudest statement about the

piece, allowing the grain and color to become the primary voice and focus.  Part of what

sets my business apart is my ability to produce my own lumber.  I own a small portable

sawmill which allows me to cut my lumber from locally sourced trees.  Most of these come either from the woodlot of a tree trimming service in our area or from friends who have had trees blow down on their property and want to see them used before they simply rot away.  The mill allows me to build projects from a single board or log which provides for a greater consistency of color and grain pattern, resulting in a more pleasing piece overall.  I am attempting to lean more toward building acoustic guitars, but am still building furniture in the process of making the transition to exclusively guitars and accessories.  Guitars are to me the ultimate blend of form and function colliding in a piece that speaks beauty both visually and through the music it is able to produce.  For me, Heritage Woodworks and Heritage Guitars provide a way to be self-employed which will hopefully allow me to someday raise a family while working from home.  It is my personal dream to have a job where I can see my kids through the day, eat lunch with my family, and be able to pass on the skills that I have learned to a new generation.